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Life can be a journey full of excitement, joy, and love, but also laden with difficult and stressful situations. These life circumstances can range from a fight with an excellent friend; a challenging period at the workplace, an agonizing loss to the death of someone we genuinely love. Above all there are extremely stressful situations such a natural catastrophe, a war conflict or extreme violence of different sorts.

I am a certified psychologist and psychotherapist committed to healing trauma and promoting post-traumatic growth of individuals, groups, and communities around the globe.

Our professional relationship will enhance yours/others' overall well-being through a set of trauma healing techniques and training resilience competencies and skills. Either with individual therapy, group therapy, resilience training, and mental health programs, we will develop our own "Strong Balanced Self".


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My mission since I was a little child has been to protect the vulnerable, be it animals or persons. I always searched for a common place where both can coexist, develop, and live in peace.

My training in social psychology and humanistic psychotherapy has been my framework of knowledge to develop my professional skills in Africa. They fed my passion for biodiversity, conservation, and human well-being.

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strong balanced
resilience training

“Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community" (World Health Organization, 2020)


My vision on how we should promote mental health in vulnerable communities, focuses on a well-being model of the world instead of looking at the world's disease model. 


I feel that it is necessary to deal with individual and collective mental disorders and not neglect either. The individual or collective interventions have to balance the emotional healing of distresses and provide skills that will enhance a positive conception of the self and the world. Healing emotional wounds has to be accompanied by reinforcing a constructive vision of the future: Healing Mental Disorders & Building Resilience.







We are experiencing a global pandemic situation with COVID19 that has shaken our foundations as human beings living in this world. 


Many of us are experiencing anxiety, fear, worry, and hopelessness, amongst other emotions facing an uncertain future. Added to this are the vicissitudes of life, some more traumatic than others, but we may find ourselves overwhelmed and without resources to overcome them.


"I, Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, want to accompany you in the process to alleviate your suffering and recover or find the meaning of a life that is worth living".


  • Stress-related symptomatology, trauma, and PTSD

  • Anxiety and chronic worrying

  • Depression and hopelessness

  • Anger management

  • Shame/Guilt deep feelings

  • Expatriate returning home or based in complicated settings

  • Culture adaptation and Culture Shock

  • Victims of sexual violence

  • Big Life Transitions

  • Relationships conflicts (significant ones or work colleagues)

  • Career/Job (feeling failure, dissatisfaction, burn-out)

  • Alcohol/Drugs Addiction

  • Family Concerns

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Grief and Loss



Therapy involves formal sessions, in-person or online, of 50 minutes. They can be weekly, every 15 days, or monthly, depending on the client's needs. The duration of therapy will vary depending on your level of involvement with the treatment to move forward. Ideally, we speak of 6 to 12 sessions. The sessions occur at a regular, agreed time and in a safe (online) private place, where you and I cannot be overheard or interrupted. 


During the session, you will talk to me about your present difficult situation. There will be an intake of the presenting issues and concerns and develop a treatment plan adjusted to your personal needs. 


Confidentiality: All psychotherapy is strictly confidential and kept in safe and secure storage. Information is shared only with a person's written permission. Exceptions to confidentiality are rare and include when a person poses a threat to his/her safety or the safety of someone else or when it is ordered. 




We will be using techniques from the Humanistic Psychology approach based on emotions with "Emotion-Focused Therapy" (EFT) and focus on building your resilience through evidence-based interventions from Positive Psychology


"Together, we will be using different psychological techniques to see which one your body, mind, and spirit prefer" 


I can suggest that we perform body techniques for stress liberation, such as "Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises" (TRE) or your bodily felt sense with focusing or bioenergetics. 


If the situation requires and you are ready, we can walk through traumatic or difficult situations with "Eye Movement Integration" (EMI), "Somatic Experiencing" (SE), or applying the "Emotion-focused Therapy" (EFT) approach to trauma. We can also manage your negative emotions through the "Emotional Freedom Technique" (EFT)


I believe that releasing your difficulties is as important as promoting your resilience as a protective factor. When building your resilience we will: 

  • Improve your self-awareness to understand yourself better. How you feel, think, and behave when activating events occurs.   

  • Learn self-regulation, regulate impulses, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, acquire skills to stop counterproductive thinking, and manage your energy.  

  • Promote optimism, to identify what is controllable, and to maintain hope in difficult situations and significant life changes;

  • Increase self-efficacy, successfully solving problems and setting goals; 

  • Identify your character strengths and use them to overcome stress, challenges and meet goals; 

  • Nurture personal relationships through effective communication and empathy.


Many of the techniques that we will be using are cognitive-behavioral, coming from the Aron Beck and Albert Ellis' work. 


We can overcome our challenging personal situations through psychotherapy, rising from the ashes like the phoenix, having a purposeful life, and accomplishing our dreams. A life worth living‼!




You can write to me at "CONTACT ME" to make an online appointment. I will answer you in a maximum of two days.


Remember that counseling is not about giving advice or opinions. I will help you better understand yourself and find your own solutions to resolve or cope with the situation. If you find it easier, you can start a chat and as soon as I am free, I will answer you!! If you leave your WhatsApp phone number, I will write you personally.

Please contact me, if u wish more details!

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    my dream is real:


 how can I contribute to the project? 


After so many years in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I have seen the consequences of continuing war conflicts and extreme poverty to society.


The aftermath of the war, rebel attacks, looting, torture, monkfish, murder, natural catastrophes, and accidents leaves the population feeling defenseless, facing an uncertain future. But people are brave and have hope!


"¡It is my personal cause to bring psychosocial care to everyone that needs to heal and rise from the ashes like the phoenix

to develop into a better self and become an asset to their community!" 


People should have access to good mental health care. Psychological support will help people to overcome the continuous traumas experienced and will provide them with self-application tools to reach their maximum potential as human beings, in all levels, mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.




Coopera NGO is starting to build THE PSYCHOSOCIAL REFERENCE CENTRE (PRC). The Basque Government of Spain will be sponsoring the first phase of the project. The PRC will be an activating hub of well-being, healing traumas, and fostering resilience.



The Psychosocial Reference Center (PRC) will be built as an annex to the Lwiro Hospital Center at 37 km from Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo which belongs to the health zone of Miti-Murhesa. The Lwiro Hospital belongs to the "Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles" (CRSN) and is managed through its Nutrition Department.

This project will provide the integration of psychosocial interventions into primary health care in a rural area. It will include the training of primary health care workers at Lwiro Hospital and the Bukavu Provincial General Reference Hospital on how to recognize and manage common mental disorders often associated with conflicts (depression, anxiety, PTSD). We will begin with the health sector and then gradually involve the other sectors such as the education sector and community protection.


The PCR intends to reach people living in rural areas with a reasonable security level for staff to operate. The PCR will be a protected and safe place for community individuals and groups to heal. 


Once we can demonstrate the Psychosocial Reference Center's cost-effectiveness and the scope for replicability, we will scale up to other country regions.



The Psychosocial Reference Center (PRC) will provide different services for the community:

  • Psychiatric service in collaboration with SOSAME - Neuropsychiatric Center. 

  • Child psychotherapy service

  • Adult psychotherapy service

  • Support groups for victims of sexual violence

  • Support groups for vulnerable women

  • Other support groups in need. (for example substance abuse, chronic diseases, disabilities ...).

  • Ergotherapy: therapy based on physical or manual activity, applied especially in mental disorders as a means of social rehabilitation.

  • Victim protection program: When the dormitories are built, they will serve both to house people in training, as people in therapeutic processes or victims of human rights violations or natural catastrophes.

  • Crisis Intervention Unit: displace professionals to hot spots where human rights violations still occur, collaborating with other partners.

  • Mental Health Awareness Training: for health centers, teachers, and community leaders.

  • Teaching 4 healing Program: Psychologist's training in modern psychotherapy techniques.

  • Mental health research service is associated with the Lwiro Natural Sciences Research Center (CRSN) and its anthropology department.


The PCR pilot interventions tend to demonstrate the need for and effectiveness of psychosocial interventions in society. This will allow us to build support within the government and other stakeholders.




We are starting to build the first phase of the Psychological Reference Center in November 2020. Throughout the year 2021, we provide the services promoted by the PRC: 2 Mental Health Awareness Training; Teaching 4 Healing program begins with 6 psychologists and 4 community agents; group therary for 237 women; community awareness and advocacy on mental health in the South Kivu Province together with the rest of international NGOs.


You can participate in the project from now! Follow the project on my Instagram "COOPERA CONGO".




The promoter of this beautiful and necessary project is the Natural Sciences Research Center (CRSN), which has been the Lwiro Hospital manager since 1960 through its nutrition department.  The CRSN will also be responsible for the management of the Psychosocial Reference Center once the NGO Coopera delivers it. The NGO Coopera and the Natural Sciences Research Center (CRSN) will seek alliances for the long-term management of the center.


As a starting point, we will be collaborating with three leading hospitals in Bukavu involved with Mental Health Care: PANZI Hospital, Bukavu Provincial General Reference Hospital, and SOSAME - Neuropsychiatric Center.


COOPERA NGO  will direct the project's. execution during 2020-2021. I will be supervising the overall project while facilitating various advocacy workshops in Bukavu and facilitating training for psychologists. 

We need funding for the next three phases of the construction center and facilitate essential services to the community through the center.



The network of partners will enhance the success of the programs. The Psychosocial Reference Center's resilience will be developed through connections with other centers, funders, collaborators, health professionals, policymakers, volunteers, and community members.


If you are a stakeholder willing to partner with the project development and implementation, which may include: central or local government agencies, UN and other international agencies, international and local NGOs, civil society organizations (CSOs) and community based organisations (CBOs),

please contact us HERE.


If you are a health or research professional interested in collaborating with the project, please contact us HERE.


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